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Last Updated: July 11, 2017

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Chickering & Sons Concert Grand Piano

1872 Chickering and Sons Concert Grand
Historic 1872 Chickering & Sons 8’5” Concert Grand Piano. Stunning Rococo rosewood case.
$12,600.00 before restoration
$75,000.00 after restoration

Knabe 9′ Concert Grand Piano

1923 Knabe Concert Grand Piano

Vintage 1923 Wm. Knabe 9’ Concert Grand Piano, Satin Ebony Case. Restoration started but not yet completed.
Brand: Knabe
Year: 1923
Style: Concert Grand Piano
Color: Satin Ebony
Before Restoration: $4,200.00
After Restoration: $36,000.00

Promberger Viennese Semi-Concert Grand Piano

1868 Promberger Viennese Semi-Concert Grand Piano

Fully restored Historic 1868 Promberger 7’8” Genuine Viennese Semi-Concert Grand Piano.
Brand: Promberger
Year: 1838
Style: Semi-Concert Grand Piano
Price: $15,700.00


Sperrhake Passau Harpsichord

1958 Sperrhake Passau Harpsichord

1958 Sperrhake Passau 7’1” Double Manual Harpsichord. Plays. Restoration of jacks started but not completed.
Brand: Sperrhake Passau
Year: 1958
Style: Double Manual Harpsichord
Before Restoration: $2,100.00
After Restoration: $11,350.00

Estey Harmonium Pump Organ

1920 Estey Harmonium Pump Organ

Vintage 1920 Estey Harmonium (Pump Organ), Fully Restored
Brand: Estey
Year: 1920
Style: Harmonium Pump Organ
Price: $2,200.00

Farrand Harmonium Pump Organ

1880 Farrand Harmonium Pump Organ

Historic 1880 Farrand Harmonium (Pump Organ), plays but needs work.
Brand: Farrand
Year: 1880
Style: Harmonium Pump Organ
Before Restoration: $860.00

Marco Polo Compact Upright Piano

1960 Marco Polo Compact Upright Piano

Collectors 1960’s Marco Polo Compact Upright Piano, Satin Ebony. Needs only cosmetic work.
Brand: Marco Polo
Year: 1960
Color: Satin Ebony
Style: Compact Upright Piano
Price: $930.00

Chickering and Sons Model 125 Quarter Grand Piano

Chickering And Sons Model 125

Vintage 1947 Chickering and Sons 5’ Model 125 “Quarter Grand” Baby Grand Piano. Beautifully refinished bookmatched burl walnut cabinet. Ready for installation of new soundboard. Includes all parts.
Brand: Chickering and Sons
Year: 1947
Style: Quarter Grand Piano
Color: Burl Walnut
Before Restoration: $3,700.00
After Restoration: $14,200.00

Chickering and Sons Quarter Grand Piano

Vintage 1906 Chickering and Sons 5’8” Model 133 “Quarter Grand” Piano, Beautifully refinished mahogany case. Soundboard repaired and refinished. Waiting to finish restoration of bridges and restringing.
Brand: Chickering and Sons
Year: 1906
Style: Quarter Grand Piano
Color: Mahogany
Before Restoration: $3,900.00
After Restoration: $15,700.00

Hubbard Replica of Stein Foretepiano

Hubbard Fortepiano

New Hubbard Replica of Stein 1784 Viennese 7’ Fortepiano (complete kit), partially assembled, by another technician. Includes all parts and plans. Still in shipping container.
Brand: Hubbard (Replica of Stein)
Year: 1784 Replica
Style: 7′ Fortepiano
Price: $2,400

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