The North Texas School of Piano Technology

The North Texas School of Piano Technology is a physical location where students will train full time under the direct instruction and supervision of Dave Conte, RPT.

First section curriculum will cover basic aural tuning, regulation and repair which if properly learned, should enable one to successfully challenge the RPT exams. No instruction will be given on electronic devices in this section.

Intermediate section will include advanced skills in tuning, high level regulation, concert and recording studio work, action restoration and some basic rebuilding skills such as restringing.

Advanced students will learn principals of piano construction, teardown and rebuilding theory including soundboard and pinblock replacement, action analysis and back action design and operation.

Successful candidates must have basic musical training, mechanical aptitude and like to work with their hands and with shop equipment. Must also be of legal age, possess a high school diploma or equivalent, pass a criminal background check and be enrolled full time.

Cost is $1500.00 per semester not including tools. Completion time for each section will depend on individual progress, which will be assessed by achievement on periodic exams. Diligent work and careful attention will help speed progress and accelerate completion times.


Course Instruction by Dave Conte, RPT, CCT.

For information please contact Dave Conte.

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