About Dave Conte

Dave Conte Piano Tuning and Restoration Since 1992, Dave Conte, RPT, CCT has been providing high quality piano service in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex in general and by special arrangement elsewhere, with rebuilding and restoration services taken in worldwide.
His primary mission is consistently deliver absolute top-quality work without compromise, while offering engineering improvements where possible over original manufacturing designs when performing restoration and rebuilding – versus simply duplicating what was originally done with any remaining inherent design flaws and/or production shortcuts.

Believing that there already exist abundant fast and inexpensive tuners, he decided not to compete in these areas. The added value provided is in the consistent high standard of quality delivered to endure past lower bids and less skilled or diligent work, and thus better maintain and support the beauty of tone, and the best possible performance and response from the musical instrument.

Dave posessess expertise in piano tuning, regulation, voicing; concert/recording prep, PianoDisc player system installation and service, Yamaha Disklavier player system service; acoustic and mechanical restoration, along with complete rebuilding services including modification and improvement in acoustic and structural design as well as analysis and improvement of action geometry for enhanced performance.

Dave is a graduate of The University of North Texas College of Music Piano Technology Program, which entailed three years of full time course instruction following Steinway methods in the piano tuning, service and rebuilding fields – far beyond what can be found through other traditional sources, and obtains continual professional skill development through numerous seminars and institutes, and through manufacturer certifications, at many of which he is frequently sought as an instructor.

Primary credentials include RPT (Registered Piano Technician franchised member designation with the Piano Technicians Guild), University of North Texas Certified Piano Technician Degree, Certified Concert & Artist Technician, along with the numerous technical certifications obtained through those various technical courses attended.

In addition to instructing at industry technical seminars and presenting technical classes at various groups and institutions, Dave was also recruited by Tarrant County College, where he was instrumental in developing, instituted, and subsequently teaches Piano Technology (tuning, service and repair). He is also a frequent contributor to trade forums and periodicals – a general example about piano care can be seen in his recent article: Love Your Piano.

Look at my Portfolio page for a sample of my clients who trust the quality of my services.

If you are interested in scheduling work of finding out more, email dave@daveconte.com, call 817-581-7321 or visit the Contact page.