Who Is…

Dave Conte Piano Technician

Dave Conte Piano Works began over 25 years ago as a piano tuning and service business. Founder Dave Conte, RPT, CCT graduated from The University of North Texas College of Music with a degree in Piano Technology, specializing in concert level work. As reputation and demand grew, it was essential to expand his skillset to include major rebuilding, advanced work with action mechanisms, and acoustic restoration, to which end a tremendous amount of intensive training and continual development has taken place, all with the goal of fulfilling a need for the highest level craftsmanship required to maintain, restore and improve fine pianos and insure that they will continue to render top performance and long life.

After having been approached by numerous manufacturers who wished to have this reputation for technical expertise associated with their brands, consideration was given to adding sales of new pianos. Accordingly, exhaustive research was launched upon to identify a brand that would reflect the passion for excellence which is Dave’s trademark and vision; the culmination of which resulted in discovering that offering Petrof pianos was not only the right choice but would provide a resource for the availability of these exemplary instruments that has been long absent in the region. Consequently, Dave Conte Piano Works has become a premier Petrof merchant.

Services performed:

Professional piano tuning, regulation of the action and dampers, tone regulation; repairs, restringing, belly work (soundboard and bridges), action restoration, complete rebuilding, player systems service and PianoDisc installation, brokering, assessments and appraisals.

Product offerings:

Sales of the entire line of new Petrof pianos, as well as a small selection of fine American antique and vintage pianos available for restoration. Please see www.daveconte.com for a listing and description of instruments for sale.